ScummC Tools

Welcome to the ScummC Tools. These tools are made to simplify the creation of Adventure Games with the Scumm Compiler ScummC. At the moment you can download:

If you are interested in the source code, write me an E-Mail. The tools are written in PureBasic, a platform independent, fast and simple language. It is perfectly suited for GUI applications because native GUI elements on every platform are used (Sorry, but GTK is crap on all non-Linux systems).

IMPORTANT: *.char and *.cost files are standard resource files of ScummC. But *.room files created with room editor can't be used with the current version of ScummC. ScummC needs to be changed a bit to use room resources directly. That will be my next task. I had tried to contact the author of ScummC, without success. If someone wants to support me (my C++ skills are not the best), I do not mind. Thank you!

Here you can find out how it is supposed to work someday: Build your SCUMM Adventure!


With this editor you can create, import, edit and save fonts in LucasArts format. The used file format (*.char) is identical to the CHAR-blocks inside the original SCUMM resource files. So you can easily export CHAR-blocks from SCUMM resource files and open/edit them with the editor. Or vice versa you can create and save fonts as *.char files and use them directly for building SCUMM resources.


System Download Size Screenshots
Windows 32-Bit 77 kB [1]
Mac OS X 64-Bit 326 kB [1] [2]
Linux 64-Bit charedit_v1.00_linux.tar.gz 108 kB [1] [2]



With this editor you can create, import, edit and save all room resources. The used file format (*.room) is identical to a data stream which contains all room resource blocks except of scripts. The editor uses SCUMM 6 format to save rooms. You can fully edit, create and remove all resources in an easy way. So you can create own room with all possible features:


System Download Size Screenshots
Windows 32-Bit 113 kB [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Mac OS X 64-Bit 173 kB [1] [2] [3] [4]
Linux 64-Bit roomedit_v1.00_linux.tar.gz 157 kB [1] [2]


With this editor it is very easily to import rooms from LucasArts games. Choose File/Import... or press the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[I] to open a LucasArts resource file (*.001 or *.LA1) and input a room number which should be imported. Supported games are:

Game Source File * Version
The Secret of Monkey Island (Enhanced) MONKEY.001 SCUMM 5
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge MONKEY2.001 SCUMM 5
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ATLANTIS.001 SCUMM 5
Day of the Tentacle TENTACLE.001 SCUMM 6
Sam & Max Hit the Road SAMNMAX.001 SCUMM 6
Full Throttle FT.LA1 SCUMM 7

* filename can depend from the local version


Under construction... as long as the COST-Editor is not finished, use the script based cost builder as part of the ScummC Utils.

Lebostein, 2014/08/15